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Classic Rummy in Tamil Nadu

Author Priya Date 05 Sep 2016
Published in Rummy Passion
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Classic Rummy in Tamil Nadu

The diversity of India is incomplete without mentioning “Tamil Nadu: The Land of Tamils or Tamil Country”. The contribution of the state has been instrumental in nation building including some premier technology institutions in Chennai. Tamil Nadu and its people have adopted technology with open arms. The usage of internet based products and services here is one of the highest in the country and of course, who can forget that the revolutionary road for online rummy got kicked off from this great state of the south.

Tamil Nadu: The Rising sun of the South
Tamil Nadu: The Rising sun of the SouthThe Indian nation can’t thank the state of Tamil Nadu enough. The state capital Chennai already has an identity as the epicenter of Information Technology in India. It is because of this very state that today, we are among the top countries that are responsible for the current Information Technology revolution around the globe.

It is also the most visited places by the foreign tourists; Tamil Nadu is a place rich in cultural heritage and is famous for its distinct and amazing food. The world famous “dosa and idli” feature on menus of restaurants all over the world. Apart from offering some amazing food and beautiful geographical landscapes, the place is also a good contender for people who are seeking peace of mind through Yoga.

Tamil Nadu: The Place of Rummy
Rummy has always been on the top of the checklist among the majority of Tamilians. The epic battle between “Mahalakshmi Cultural Association” and “The honorable high court of Madras” is still fresh in our memories.

It is the love and a never ending attachment of the people to the game that today, all of us can be a part of online rummy in India. The journey has been tough and full of hardships; it surely was a testing time for both people and rummy club owners.

When the final Supreme Court verdict came out in August 2015, the people hit the streets all over the state in jubilation because the highest court in the country had declared rummy a game of skill.

The online rummy industry is worth millions of dollars today and it all happened because of the lone battle fought by the people of Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu: Entertainment at its best
The state is also big on entertainment. There is a fondness for sports and the popularity of the former Indian Premier League’s team “Chennai Super Kings” and “Indian Soccer League 2” are witnesses that it’s all happening here.

There will be a huge vacuum in the entertainment industry without Tamil Movies which are better known as “Tollywood Films”. In the year 2007, the Tamilian superstar Rajinikanth was the highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan. Believe it or not, but there are many mainstream “Bollywood” movies that are inspired from productions of this industry in the south.

The state of Tamil Nadu is a magical place in South India. It is paradise for folks who are looking for some adventure with tasty food. Their social gatherings are worth being part of, where people can play the famous card game of Indian Rummy with filtered coffee!

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