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* You must be 18+ to play real money rummy. Rummy is a game of skill. Winning cash is dependent on the skill of an individual in regards to the game of Rummy. Play responsibly. Game certified by iTech Labs Australia.

Playing Online Rummy is Easy

Online Rummy is an easy card game to learn and play. Indian rummy is played on 2 player tables or 6 player tables. 1 deck of cards is used in 2 player tables and 2 decks of cards are used in 6 player tables. Players sit around a table and pick and discard cards upon their turn in clockwise order. They can pick a card either from an open card deck or the closed card deck and discard one card to the open deck. If you love playing cards you can easily learn how to play rummy; the most popular card game in India. You can play rummy online while idle in the office or traveling or from your home at your convenience. When you play, your goal is to defeat all your opponents at the table by making sequences and combination sets of cards first. Learn how to play rummy by watching these videos. Once you have the fundamentals right, just pick a table and join the hundreds of other players from all over the country who have discovered the fun and thrill of playing their favorite game online!

Rummy Objective

The goal of the game is to arrange all 13 cards into sequences and or sets. Minimum 2 sequences are required out of which 1 must be pure (a sequence made without a joker) and the second sequence may be pure or impure. In order to make pure groups, you can make a maximum of 2 sets (same cards of different suits). The game begins with a toss to decide which player will make the first move. In order to play online rummy effectively, you need to set your priorities right i.e. first focus on making a pure sequence and then the second sequence and then look for other cards for making sequences or sets.

The strategy is quite different while playing with 1 deck (2 players table) or 2 decks (6 players table) of cards. With one deck the game runs very fast. You can count the cards which are discarded by the opponent player and make your strategy accordingly, whereas, in 2 decks game, it is a little difficult to count the cards.

13 Card Online Rummy Card Game Tips and Tricks

Playing rummy online is also a good source of earning money online for professional players. The trick is that you need to be very attentive, focused, good at card counting and keep an eye on the cards picked and discarded by opponents. With some practice, you can get a hold on all these things and can win and earn money while playing rummy.

Card Dealing

Every player is randomly dealt 13 cards. The first card of the pack is placed in the open deck to show that the game has started. The rest of the cards are placed face down in the closed deck spot on the table. At the beginning of the game, a joker card is picked at random. If by chance the joker card selected happens to be the printed Joker of the card pack, then players are allowed to use the Ace card of any suit as a joker in the sets and or sequences they make.

Rules to use Joker

Now, the question arises; How to use “Joker in Indian Rummy?” or “How to play Rummy with Joker?” the existence of Joker makes rummy more exciting and interesting. Joker is no doubt the game-changer in the online rummy card game. There are two types of jokers

  • Printed Joker – There is one printed joker in every deck of cards.
  • Wild card joker - After cards are dealt amongst players, a card is opened and placed below the closed deck. This is considered a joker for that game and is the wildcard joker. If the open joker is the printed joker, then all Aces are considered as wild card jokers.

Use of Joker Cards in Rummy

  • Picture joker and wild card jokers can be used to complete any impure sequence or a set.
  • The wild card joker and printed joker are treated equally in the game of Indian Rummy.
  • If the opponent player discards the joker by mistake, then other players at the table cannot pick it up.
  • A joker can be picked from the open deck provided it is the first turn of the game.
  • A joker can be picked from the closed deck by the player at any time as long as it is that player’s turn to pick.
  • A joker card carries no points.

Player Turns

Turn by turn each player picks a card from the closed deck and discards a card to the open deck. With this, the player seeks to meld all cards into valid sets and or sequences. Players can use one or more than one joker card to complete their sets and or sequences. Once all your sets and or sequences are complete, you can declare by moving a card to the ‘finish’ spot on the game table.


When you declare, you must arrange your cards in sets and or sequences and do a ‘show’ of your arranged cards. Once you have done this, you will need to click on the 'Declare' button. The game will be considered to be finished if you declare at least two sequences, of which one must be a pure sequence, i.e. a sequence made without the use of a Joker card. Please note that if two packs of cards are being used in the game, you cannot use the same card twice in a set. For example, 9♠ 9♠ 9 is not considered a valid set and will not be considered a valid declaration.

Rummy Game Table

Rummy Passion promotes a vibrant, secure and exhilarating gaming experience as shown in the following screenshot.

Rummy Passion Game Table

Rummy Points Calculation

Each card carries points. Players who lose get points based on their hand score. All the numbered cards, i.e., 2-10 carry points based on their face value. So an 8 carries 8 points and a 2 carries 2 points. J, Q, K and A of any suit each carry 10 points. The Joker card carries no points. Points for all cards that are not arranged in sets and or sequences are added up for each losing player at the end of the game. In case a player is not able to form a pure sequence, points for all cards in the player's hand will be counted. If the losing player has two sequences, only one of which is pure, then only the pure sequence cards are not counted. A losing player can get 80 points at the most. Even if his or her hand score adds up to more than 80 points, he or she will still get a maximum of 80 points. In case the losing player has not had his or her first turn before another player makes a valid declare in the game, then the losing players only will get half the points of his or her hand score.

Drop Option In Rummy

What is the Drop Option? There are three Types of Rummy Variations. In 2 Player deals rummy game, the players cannot ‘drop’ a deal. In more than 2 player games, a player can drop the game in their turn at any time during the game.

In all variants of Rummy Games, if a player misses three turns in a row or consecutively, they will get dropped from the game. Their points will be calculated based on their hand's score, the maximum points being 80. To drop the game, the player should not have picked a card from the open or closed deck in that particular turn. If you drop the game in your very first turn, you get 20 points. If you drop the game in any subsequent turn, you get 40 points. If you miss 3 turns in a row (consecutively), you are dropped from the game automatically and you get 40 points.

In case you get disconnected, you can ask to be either dropped after three missed turns or, you may ask to remain at the game table till you are connected again. What if You Miss Three Moves? In 2 player games, if a player misses 3 turns in a row, he/she will be automatically dropped from the game with a score which is equal to 80 points or the actual hand score, whichever is lower. In more than 2 player games, if a player misses 3 turns in a row, he/she is dropped automatically from the game with a middle drop score.

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